Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tutorial: How To Recover Address Book Contacts From an iPhone Backup

All File Required Here:

1. Go to and download the program.

2. Install the program and open it, then click "Read Backups"

1. Select the device and date of the backup you would like to extract contacts from, and then hit extract. 

 2. Then scroll down and select "iOS Files" and then click "Extract" and then pick a place to save the folder.

3. Then open the folder and then locate the file "AddressBook.sqlitedb".

4. Make sure the "AddressBook.sqlitedb" and "" file (provided at the beginning of this post) are in the same folder and then open "Terminal". Type "cd" then space, then drag the AddressBook folder onto the Terminal window and hit enter. You should be in the folder as the "" file. Then type "sh".

5. If you now look again in the folder, the folder now contains two files "address_book_long.csv" and  "address_book_short.csv" which contains all of your contacts on your phone. 

6. Open up the files and view all of your contacts. (Blurred For Privacy)



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