Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Simple Tutorial on Retrieving Public Tweets From Twitter API in iOS

1. Download the Twitter application for Mac OS X in the App Store. Then go to Twitter > Preferences > Developer and input your Twitter API credentials. Then go down to Timeline > User and input the information you would like to retrieve.

2. Create a new XCode single view project called TweetXMLData. You will only have to edit the TweetXMLDataViewController(.h/.m) files so they match the ones below.

3. Create a simple interface like the one in the picture at the bottom. Then Control + Click from the button to TweetXML Data View Controller.

4. Run the simulator and you should see the output below. There are a lot of other tutorials on parsing XML so did not include it in this tutorial.

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Iwan Suminar said...

great tutorial, need a tweek a bit for xcode 4.2