Thursday, July 21, 2011

Part I. Creating Your Own Custom Offline Google Maps for iPhone 4

I was working with the Streaming Twitter API and one of the examples was to use a cURL command to get a sample JSON stream, and so that gave me the idea that, well if you can use cURL to get XML/JSON you can get any type of data automatically like that. Android just came out with new offline maps, and since I love my iPhone and offline maps, I thought I had to create a program to do it myself. I found a php script to download images using cURL and I just adapted it using Google Maps API V2 Static Maps to download the map images that I wanted. I have to do the math to calculate how to change the longitude and latitude parameters based on zoom level (so I'm not finished), but I just wanted to get started on it so I hand typed the parameters. What I'm thinking is that you download all of the images, and then useAdobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator or something to vectorize all of the images. Then you could use the gesture recognitions on iOS along with UIScrollView and UIImage to create your own "zoom" by tapping and pinching.

Example Images:
Zoom 12:

Zoom 13:

Zoom 14:

Zoom 15:

Zoom 16
Zoom 17
Zoom 18
Zoom 19

This code will improve once I have more free time.


chermesh said...

This is a long awaited initiative. Many wait for its completion impatiently.

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