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Data Visualization / Analytic Tools for Social Networking Data

Twitter StreamGraphs

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A StreamGraph is a visualization for the last 1000 tweets which contain the search word.


Here is what a Twitter StreamGraph looks like when you search "chronic disease". You can see a small blip on the right showing that there was a non-trivial amount of people using the words "chronic disease" and "#AskObama." It's also interesting/depressing to see that when people mention chronic disease they also use the words "mother, sad, lost, misery, etc."

Tweet Topic Explorer for @NYTimes 


Example search for "@kanyewest":

Twitter Venn


When I looked at the diagram below, I was surprised to see that people did not mention "salt" and "obesity" in the same tweet very often. Graphs

If you see a shorted link that looks similar to then it is most likely created by a company called, which now tracks the amount of times a link was clicked or shared on a social networking site. If you append a "+" to the end of a link and then go that address in a browser you will see data collected about that link. For example, I saw this tweet and went to in a browser. Sadly, only 14 people clicked on the link. Looks like Stanford Medicine should hire/fire their PR person.

Social Networking and Health

     I was reading this article called "Facebook use leads to health-care reform in Taiwan" in The Lancet thought it was interesting.


Excerpt: " The Taiwan Society of Emergency Medicine has been in slow-moving negotiation with the Department of Health for the past several years over an appropriate solution to emergency-room overcrowding. A turning point was reached on Feb 8, 2011, when an emergency physician who was an active social network user and popular blogger among the emergency-room staff created a Facebook group called "Rescue the emergency room". Within a week about 1500 people -- most of the emergency department staff around Taiwan -- became members of this group and started discussing actively and sharing their experiences..."

Facebook page:

Caution: Recent data analysis from PageLever indicates that only an average of 7.49% of Facebook Fans view posts on a day-to-day basis. Also, they mention that fan pages with fewer fans have a higher reach than the pages with more fans.

ALL Facebook Page Statistics 

This site allows you to search Facebook Fan Pages and see membership statistics.


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